It is here - Limited Edition Skins

The MA40 weapon skin “Golden Eagle” is a limited edition, if you look at the description if you select the legendary item.

FOMO is strong with 343i


Ehhhh it’s POSSIBLE but it could just be limited edition in-universe.
Either way though FOMO has gotta go.

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or its just an item descrption and nothing else I mean past store bundles have rotated in before

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I think thats the lore tab description, and it isnt actually gonna be gone forever, but the whole shop rotation thing is definitely fomo by itself. you may have a chance at it later, but why not just let us scroll through a list like for the HCS skins.

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But this is the first item that has this description i think. Why write down “limited edition”? Its legendary anyway.

  1. To scare people into buying it out of misplaced FOMO and it’s just lore
  2. Because it’s limited edition in the Halo universe and that’s the best lore they could come up with for it
  3. Because it’s actually limited edition IRL

Could be any one of these.