It is clear that 343 & this game have failed

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You did not win over the “CoD crowd” by making this game “more accessible to new players, and making the skill gap less steep” as you said, so please, if you care at all about your old fans who were disappointed with the changes to the CORE GAMEPLAY MECHANICS, do not make the same mistake in your future titles you slap the name Halo on. Hopefully this post was short enough for all the people in this forum with ADD who can’t read more than a couple sentences.

I’m having a hard time understanding why you think false assumptions, exaggerations and name calling creates discussion value.


Why are you here?

And what qualifies you to judge this game?

and does anything you just said help the community move forward in anyway.

why so many users who quit are so ‘‘melodramatic’’? honeslty, just don’t play the game.

making a thread of ‘‘im tired of halo 4’’ is 100% sure lock thread

no need to.

Locked for being non-constructive and discriminatory (medical conditions, ADD) post.

Keep it clean and next time please post this sort of thing in the matchmaking forum where it belongs, thank you.