It has finally happened!

love it.

You’re my hero! :smiley:


Glad to see there might be hope for us after all, just wish that one day during a map vote one of the DLC maps will pop up and get voted for. I think you should treasure the memory of that game because it could only happen once in a blue Moon.

Although I do understand that 343 wanted to get rid of playlists that were un-used I do believe the fact that we paid for the maps should be enough to persuade them to keep the playlist running, surely the amount of money made from selling these map packs should be more than enough to pay for the up keep of the Squad DLC playlist.

That’s awesome. I hope you got a good achievement or two out of it because it won’t happen again for a long time unless 343 wakes up. Bungie would have never let this happen…

> love it.


I might have to steal that link and use it in a few responses.

Side note: Only 5 votes?

Shopped :confused:

(I only say that because I’m jealous, I only ever get to play Heavies and Hemorrhage D:)

I knew DLC maps come up…


> I joined a big team game and got on highlands too.
> But then my whole team quit on me.

DAMN THEM! Those -Yoinks!-!

Already got all the cheevos on the map:P

> Already got all the cheevos on the map:P

Lucky you, I still need don’t touch that! and paper beats rock. Candy from a baby is not a problem right now. The way things are going I probably won’t be able to get either any time soon.

Holy crap I’m jealous.
I haven’t seen Highland in Matchmaking in months.

All I can say is play with a full party who has DLC. I finally had enough friends on to do BTB and we got Slayer on Breakneck (Liscence to Kill) and 1flag on Breakpoint (don’t touch that). Didn’t get either Achievement. I’m still pissed that the odds are crazy high by myself, but I have to admit that just being able to play on the maps has mitigated some of my rage.

seems to good to be true. I always get stuck with players who vote for the worst map and vote against the DLC when it comes up. It’s absurd really lol

All it takes is 1 person out of 16 to not have the maps and everyone else has to suffer the same old grey and green maps.

So if the maths is correct… it would only take 417 players out of 100,000 to not see DLC at all during matchmaking.