It has been over a year now

Melee is still broken. There is a random chance a melee will do absolutely no damage.
Desync is still very prevalent.
Player spawning algorithm stinks on smaller 4v4 maps. If a team can hold certain areas it will just become a spawn kill fest with very little ways of fighting back. Streets is probably the worst for this.
Stockpile still sucks. I dont think it can even be fixed, its just boring.
Content is drip fed like we are rationing water in an endless desert.
The player base is diminishing more and more each day.
Still no player on player collision which is just the worst decision.

There was such potential for this game, there really was. The sandbox is super fun when you get a good game type (BTB CTF) and a some nice weapons, vehicles and equipment. The armour looks nice and I like the non-traditional cores. The pre-release “beta” got everyone so hype but the “beta” was actually just the full release of the MP because not much has changed… For many people this was 343’s last chance to make a good Halo game and the rapidly declining player base shows that. So much potential wasted.