it happened with halo Reach, 3...

How soon will it happen with Halo 4 once it comes out that most topics on these forums end up as “Screw H4, I’m going back to Reach?” I give it 7 days maximum.

Really, the amount of complaining that’s taking place right now shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. People wouldn’t stop complaining about Reach and venerating Halo 3. Those same people who were complaining about Reach will no doubt start talking about Reach in a positive light when Halo 4 comes out. The same vicious cycle happens with every AAA shooter iteration.

Not that everyone is complaining, though. It always seems like there are more complainers among the population, because they are often the most strongly opinionated and more fervent to defend those opinions.

I just wish that we could remain as objective and unbiased as we can, and reserve judgement until we have at least seen some significant measure of a full gameplay.