It costs $1,035 to buy everything available in the store

It seems that people have been able to figure out which items in the game will be rotating in the store, it totals to 88 bundles, including basic armor coatings, armor, attachments, weapon skins. The total price if you were to buy all of them will be $1,035.

Kind of insane to me, what are your thoughts?


Already a thread about it.

It’s fine, if you go to a clothes shop the combined price might be $100,000s for every unique item. But you aren’t going there to buy 50 t shirts, even ones you don’t like or wouldnt even want to wear just to collect them. You might buy two because they stand out the most and you like them. Other people will buy different t shirts and some will buy the same ones as you. You’ll wear them for a while. Then maybe you’ll go back and buy a new t shirt you see that you like even more than your old ones. The cycle continues.


It’s just cosmetics and has 0 bearing on the game itself so idc.
Game is fun as -Yoink!- and I’ve dropped 20 hours into it already with no boredom yet. Game can only get better from here


Thats kind of where I stand. At the end of the day I dont care what my power ranger looks like. I am not gonna be mad about it. Halo 1 you could only change your color so to be able to do anything is cool. Now, I wish they would bring back original ranks so you could see how many hours others put into the game.

At the end of the day Halo is about the match. Not the cosmetics and such. Even KD doesnt bother me because it changes for the game type. I like to play my Halo seriously and that is where the fun is.


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Be careful, the tread will get locked, as 343 is seemingly putting a lockdown on discussing the predatory monetization and the insane pricetag. Gotta love 343 <3


They can’t lock it on Reddit though. (I mean they probably could, but there would probably be some backlash, so they won’t).

That is pretty insane.

Hopefully they’ll do what Gears did and offer an ultimate bundle with everything in for a lot less. Although offering that after some people have already bought the smaller bundles would piss them off so it probably wont happen.


My thoughts is that you buy whatever you want to buy.

A Walmart Store has millions in stock. That doesn’t mean that I need to buy it all.

Yeah but customization has been a staple of Halo, just like everything else.

I do feel this is quite excessive, I am having a lot of fun with the game when playing it, but when I see what you need to pay for customization it seems too much even for such a fun game I am not ok with these prices, I really wanted a chest piece, and it only appears ina bundle and the bundle was the same price as the entire season pass, it’s too expensive and I don’t know why but I expected all armor to be able to be acquired through gameplay or at least the season pass but now it seems that some are looked behind a pretty steep paywall.

I am really loving the game, but please fix this pricing and progression, it is not ok.

Why would you spend that much money for cosmetics?
Spending money on BP is enough and just level it up instead of wasting $1000 on cosmetics that you are most likely not gonna use much.

Does not really matter since the “free” event battle pass seems to have better looking armor…

But when im thinking about it. I dont care much what other players wear. Why would they do the same?
I just focus on killing them and not really notice what they wear and move away after they are dead.
Halo 3 on the other hand was something different since armor was locked behind achivements. something back then, made you feel special. because you completed something hard.

If they made a sick cosmetics that are locked behind Achivements like complete Halo 2 on LASO on MCC. that would cool. Seing someone wearing something very rare and unique do catch my eyes and give them respect for completing a very hard challenge unlike Halo 5 and BP in Halo Infinite there i just feel that they only got it with its wallet and dont make them any special.

Yeah, it’s so expensive for the small amount of items there is!

And how does it even work for armor cores that comes from either Battle Passes or Fractures. It’s like a DLC for a DLC. A full armor set shouldn’t go over $10, and it’s certainly a bit at that price tag too.