It ate my War games map Pass : (

Hello waypoint,

Could anyone help me with a problem I have with map packs dlc?
My brother and I bought the Halo 4 limited edition, downloaded all maps, have fun with it every weekend until my little brother decided to play some Halo 4 on a wednesday: The War games map pass somehow deleted itself and now we lost all of our dlc maps, we cannot download it again either, does anybody know what to do now? Everything works fine, the Forge island map is still there and the avatar items also but the three maps dissapeared!
If somebody could help me, I would be very thankful!

To all of the people who read this, have a nice day!



1.Turn off game
2.Turn game back on

Problem solved.

Make sure you pick the right storage device.

You should be able to download em all again if you have the map pass, go to Marketplace and try to download them.

The Limited Edition Game came with the ‘Infinity Actual Kit’. That contains the map pass and in-game armor, weapon skins and emblems.

You need to find that in your download history - it’s not called the map pass.

Go to your profile settings (in Xbox dashboard). Download History, then you will be fine. Just download the Map Pack Pass again.

1:Go to dashboard
2: Go to settings
3: Go to system
4: Go to storage
5: Go to storage device you downloaded content onto. Hard drive or Zip-drive
6: Go to Games & apps
7: Go to Halo 4
8: Look for any content with big yellow bubble with exclamation mark inside the bubble on the right side of suggested content.
9: Delete it & all other content.
10: Back out to settings
11: go to Account
12:Go to Download History
13:Click content that you deleted earlier with yellow bubble
14: Hit Download Again

Done. Enjoy.