issues with the multiplayer

Is it me, or is there some strange kinks with the multiplayer? damage with weapons feels inconsistent, grenades and explosive power weapons AOE hit boxes seem to vary every single time. frag grenades timer seems to differ every time as well. melee duels with someone with less shield/health often end with me dying but not them. occasionally when i join a slayer match with 3 people. one person is forced out for no real reason. i’ve talked with all of my friends who have been playing halo while i’ve been typing this and we all agree that it feels this way, are we collectively crazy?

I know this is an old thread, but I did a Google search to see if others were experiencing the issues I was having, and your thread was on the results. I’ve just made a thread myself, and I’m experiencing the same issues. Might I ask where you’re playing from? I don’t know if it’s a global, or international problem