Issues with prefabs!

Here are 2 issues with prefab!:

  1. Prefabs not showing up in menu when working on new map!

Here is the lame fix:
Boot up a map that has your prefabs you installed in a map already. Leave the map and then boot up your new map and you should see your prefabs in the menu.

  1. Prefabs not working in map!

Another Lame Fix!:

If you know for a fact your prefabs work then do this EXAMPLE:

Lets say your map is Named “number one”. Make a copy of it and call it “number two”. Then leave the game completely. Boot the game back up and load you map “Number two” Your prefab should work. That is what I had to do get my prefabs to work.

Side Note: Sometimes if you “UNGROUP” your prefab and “REGROUP” sometimes that works. I know this is a Beta for Forge but :rofl:

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Ok fine However, IMHO if we had some “DOX” to Forge most likely we would have be having this conversion.

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