Issues with pre-order offer with digital download

I pre-ordered the digital download, which came with the “Boom Skull Pre-Order Offer”.

When I go to my download queue, it says that the installation for the pre-order offer has stopped, and that I need to insert the disc to finish (error code 0x80070015). This doesn’t make any sense since I don’t have the disc, I have the digital download.

Anyone else come across this issue?

I’m having the same issue. Anyone figured out how to fix it yet? I’m hesitant to reinstall the whole game as it took forever to download the first time.

I am having the same issue. It took me 36 hours to download (after I had downloaded previously and had to do it a second time on release night). I am not deleting the game and re-downloiading everything jut to solve this problem with the preorder bonus. Each time I boot my XBOX ONE I get the same message: “Installation stopped” if I try to manually download the skull it tells me to insert the Disc!!! I have no disc!!! it is a digital download!