Issues With Log In

So I’ve been in contact with Microsoft Support and I am still having an issue regarding log in. I feel like Microsoft gave up on my case. They keep transferring me to which the call will be put on hold for about 5 minutes and then hang up with no call backs. When the reported call back time comes it’s 15-20 minutes too late.

The issue: I cannot sign into the game. I am able to access and launch the game through steam and that’s all well and good. The issue is Microsoft log in. A message keeps appearing saying “Sorry something went wrong.” I’ve specifically contacted Microsoft multiple times and they’ve given me wish washy answers with no real solutions.

I have the necessary specs for the game. I’ve tried uninstalling reinstalling, verifying game cache, restarting my computer after this and I continually get stone walled by the log in menu each time. If anyone has any information that can be useful to provide. I’d like to hear it. I’ve been 144 hours without the game I purchased and all’s I want is answers.

I have the same exact problem right now. Can we PLEASE get a fix? Not being able to play the game we paid for is actually ridiculous.

I’m reaching out to reddit and the forums right now. I feel like with Microsoft I’m screaming into an abyss.

If you happen to get any updates or fixes, please reply back! I will do the same!

I still not have gotten any information back about what to do or how to solve this issue.

I reach out to Microsoft, they say that they don’t know how to operate with steam and tell me to go to 343.

I go to 343’s support page and it takes me directly to Microsoft costumer support, you know the same people that don’t know how to operate with steam.

I’m in an endless loop here and it feels like I’m screaming into the abyss.

Edit: Also don’t try and use the contact support of microsoft, because even though there is a section called “PC Gaming” it just takes you directly to Xbox support. Give me a break.

Edit 2: Also don’t try and get help from the Reddit thread, they will just try to troubleshoot issues with you that you’ve already troubleshooted a thousand times and call it a day.