Issues with Infection Customs

Map: Luigi’s Mansion
Gametype: Poltergeist
Creator: TickldByKitt3nz

Issues: As explained to me by Comedy Aerosol and SexyMasterChief, team blockers do not work in infection since it is “technically” a free for all gametype. But on the contrary, spawning for infection is set up where Blue Team spawns infected players, whilst Red spawns Survivors. Using this knowledge, I think that team blockers should work. it is an issue which has been unresolved, and should be fixed.

Also, there is no way to hide enemy gamertags from showing up above their heads. There has to be a way to turn them off. It completely ruins hiding because the chromas are “see through”. Not visually, but reticle-wise and nametag-wise. It is ridiculous, and this gamemode and map would launch if these weren’t an issue. I really want to submit this to Forge Labs, possibly get it featured on youtube, and I could spread my creations all over the community.

I see these as bugs, not features. I hope someone from 343i sees this, so they can fix it in the upcoming update.