Issues with Halo 4 or Halo 4 XBOX

Good Morning Community,

I bought my sons the Halo 4 XBOX and they are having strange issues with HALO 4 that I am not sure, what is the cause. I searched the forums, and did not see anything that answered these issues, but maybe my query was not clear, or maybe I missed it, but here is the issues:

Issue 1 - my oldest input the codes for this “Unicorn” armor and some other things. Lately Halo 4 has been acting like he never put the codes in, and the armor is not listed. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not.

Issue 2 - When we customize the armor, we can see it the day we are playing, and the next day when we come back, the armor has been reset back to plain armor, with our color schemes.

Issue 3 - my oldest son again had unlocked some weapons and skins for use in multi- player that are no longer available in his load outs.

Issue 4 -

Are these WAYPOINT issues? Hardware issues? or Software issues?

Is it just us, or are there others out there having this issue.