Issues with DLC

I have both Noble 1 and Defiant map packs downloaded, without any issues. Whenever I try to go into multiplayer matchmaking, the game says that I have “Content Missing: You are missing recommended downloadable content. Would you like to visit the XBOX Live Marketplace to learn more?”

If I say “Yes, take me to XBOX live Marketplace!”, the menu indicates that the Defiant Map pack and the Noble 1 map pack have not been downloaded.

If I download them through this menu, I can only download one, it instantly finished the download, asks me to select a storage device, goes back to the matchmaking menu, and the game will say “One or more players do not have the maps required to play in this playlist”.

I have tried deleting the map packs from my hard drive and reinstalling them from the XBOX dashboard.

Any advice?

thanks to anyone who read this and thought of solutions. I wound up deleting everything off my hard drive, from saved games to forge maps and the DLC itself. I then reinstalled the game, redownloaded the DLC, and it seems to work fine now.