Issues! Will they fix it?

Halo is a nice game but, it has so many issues. It looks like every 3rd report is an Issue report or a other problem.
I think they will fix these issues…they have to…because otherwise they will lose a lot of fans. I hope it takes not to much time.
Maybe i buy bo 3, but not at the release, i will wait for decembre or so, if 343i do a good work, than maybe i dont buy bo 3. I give Halo 5 a second chance, its already good but it can be better.

I have some points, these points maybe make Halo 5 better.

  1. I want look at other players, what they got and what lvl, how they look and all that stuff.

  2. Please add more maps

  3. We need more game modes like Infection, team sniper and grif ball.

  4. Fix the issues

Maybe these things help.
And guys dont hate me Halo is cool and that is just MY opinion :slight_smile: