Issues regarding the DMR and a few things...

Alright guys, I’m not going to rant about how game breaking this weapon is, but have any of you actually sat down and thought about this… The DMR (In my opinion) should have been left in Reach, or at least been made an ordinance drop…
It doesn’t bother me that it’s in the game, but couldn’t have you guy’s (343i)
thought about nerfing it? If you have, I really don’t see a difference. It’s too “Across the Map”… It’s way to easy to pull out and start shooting… Hell, I was in dominion and within a minute I’ve been double teamed with this load of turd weapon… I’m not saying get rid of it, I’m just asking you to nerf, or at least make it an ordinance drop… I love what you guy’s are doing with the game, I really do. But since Reach, I haven’t been able to sit down and play without continuously raging… I almost forgot one fact about this weapon. THERE IS PRACTICALLY NO BLOOM!… YEAH!.. It makes it way to fast paced and a repetitive experience for me… This is not what Halo should be… I remember pacing my shots with the DMR in Reach… Now it’s a mini-sniper rifle… I don’t know… Maybe it’s just me. But I’m just saying, I wanted Halo 3 with a small proportion of Reach… NOT THE WHOLE DAME THING INTO ONE CLUSTERFUCQ!.. I love you 343i, I enjoyed this game but the DMR and some of the things in Halo 4 are just pushing me away, and I don’t know if I can take it… AND GET SOME BETTER SERVERS!. Priority number one, 343… G’night…

I agree that it is a little op in its current state, but you so just went again what you started with. I BELIEVE that all that needs done is a slight decrease in fire rate. Nothing huge, just like let half a BR shot get off before the 5th shot. I don’t know exact time scales but that is all it needs.

> I almost forgot one fact about this weapon. THERE IS PRACTICALLY NO BLOOM!… YEAH!..

I always thought bloom to be a great thing. But majority of people cried and said it was dumb.

Now the majority wants it back. There is just no pleasing. If they die, they want something nerfed or changed.

Maybe learn to play the games folks and stop crying for nerfs and this and that.

Bloom was a wonderful thing.

The DMR is supposed to be a “mini-sniper”. The thing that needs nerfing is the DMR’s effectiveness at close and medium range. The DMR should just get a ROF decrease and that would make sure it is not beating weapons like the Carbine and BR at close range.