Issues Playing online with split screen

Anyone else having issues playing a game online when you have a guest playing with? It’s kicking me out after 15 seconds of searching.

Not while having split screen, although I have had the problem of the game kicking me back to the playlists menu after searching for a game. I had to restart my Xbox and still that didn’t even work. So at last, I had to install MCC again. I hope I never come across that glitch ever again.

The latest Xbox home screen update screwed up MCC even more. Since the update, MCC players are unable to play with guests in matchmaking. Sucks. Let’s just hope the spring update fixes this issue

Found a workaround:
If you have the other players sign in as separate Xbox live accounts (instead of guests) it works fine.

Same issue. Solo online works fine. If I have a guest (even signed on to their profile) we are stuck in a restarting loop. I have NEVER been able to join an online game in split screen. Pathetic that this has never been fixed. I’d be pissed if I paid for the game (just playing on game pass).