Issues joining game with friends.

Anyone having issues joining friends after Xbox update? I can play alone no problem but get server error when trying to join friends.

Same here, can’t join friends. Invites not going through.

Mine problems started yesterday (the 11th) but yes. Same issue. If I restart it gives me another option to Join or invite but just sits there then says that the halo 5 lobby service is unavailable (even though I WAS just in the lobby). Doesn’t matter which one does it.

Same issue here

343 obviously has 0 clue to run a game, these servers are a disgrace

Mine started when I updated to the new Xbox OS. I hope this gets resolved soon. This multiplayer is really starting to grow on me.

Just takes awhile to join my crew

Couldn’t either for about 2 hours. Of course it decided to work when I wanted to go to bed!

Ive been having lots of problems since the xbox update that changed the layout of the xbox menu. since then I’ve had a terrible time creating parties and staying in them.