Issues I've Run Into

I know some of these have probably been mentioned before, and some have been stated to be eventually fixed, but these are things that I have been taking notes on as I’ve been playing TMMC:

  • Constantly getting uneven teams, and for whatever reason I’m constantly put on the short team.- It would be nice to see how many people are in each playlist from the UI like past games have done. Especially later in the games life where we could tell whether or not there are even enough players in a playlist to try playing it.- There was a game in the Halo 2 Anniversary Playlist where the rest of the lobby got kicked, and I was still forced to finish the full match by myself. That’s also the only match I’ve been able to even start in that playlist. I’ve tried multiple times, but this playlist refuses to work for me.- This is just nitpicking, but I’d prefer if you’d get rid of voting system, and make it random or go back to vetoing. That way everything has a chance to come up in matchmaking. As is, some things are being voted for way too often.- To go along with the last point, Gungoose CTF comes up WAY too frequently. I’m personally not a fan, and I want to play more of the original BTB style experience. If nothing else, throw it into an Action Sack Playlist, or it’s own playlist.- Also, I know people really like Lockout, but I’m definitely not one of those people. And with three variants of it in the game, it also pops up WAY too frequently in Team Slayer.- The game keeps trying to connect me to lobbies that are already full, “incomplete” games, and kicked lobbies.- PLEASE change Snowbound to Boundless. This was a change made in Halo 3 matchmaking where they got rid of some of the shield doors on Snowbound to make it less of a camp fest. The updated version was one of my favorite maps, but the original was broken and unbalanced. I believe there was also a variant of Epitaph called Epilogue that removed shield doors as well. Please use these updated versions!- Some textures in Halo 2 Anniversary’s new visual’s disappear for a short time. Not sure what causes this, but I’ve noticed it a few times.- Had a game of slayer on the new version of asylum go 3 - 1, and then it got laggy, and then the game abruptly ended.- In the level Quarantine Zone in Halo 2 Anniversary, there was a point where the Arbiter turned blue in the old engine. It was certainly an odd glitch.- There were points in the new Halo 2 campaign engine where it was way too dark. I understand that the chief has a flashlight, but the Arbiter does not. The game needs a brightness option, or the lighting needs adjusted.- Someone left the lobby when voting for a map and, we all got stuck on the voting screen. Can’t remember the playlist, but it was probably Team Slayer.- I had a LAAAAAAAAAGY match in halo 3. I thought we had dedicated servers to keep that from happening? Can’t remember what map, and I’m not sure how common that is though.- I’ve been getting a lot of “failed to cennect” to the host. Again, I thought we didn’t have hosts anymore, and we had dedicated servers?- We need some indication that it’s time to vote. It kind of silently happens, and since I need to fill the gap in search times with other activities, the game has a tendency to just start without me realizing.- And finally, the forge palette sucks. It’s essentially just Halo Reach’s palette. It even looks as equally bland as Reach’s. Where’s Halo 4’s unique forge pieces? Terrain and scripting are about the only good things this forge has, while everything else just looks sloppy.