Issues I've Encountered

First, I would like to say thank you to 343i for the great communication about the issues that are occurring in MCC. The following are some issues that I have encountered during my time playing this game.

Party Lobby:

  • Unable to see friends on-line.- Unable to join parties or friends joining my party.- At times not everyone can speak in game chat. (Yes party chat fixes this problem, but sometimes party chat is down)Custom Games:
  • After every game that is played, the teams are changed.- Unable to change teams. There are two errors on this one. Sometimes you are not given an option to change teams and other times you are given the option; however when you select change teams, it brings up a blank option screen which you are unable to select a team change.- Error stating game is full yet, there are only five people in the party.- Not able to join a game in progress.Matchmaking:
  • As you are well aware of, long waits to get a game.- When you get a game, it starts with uneven teams (e.g. 3v4 or 4v5)- When you get a game, your pre-lobby party gets split up. (This error is very frustrating since we want to play with each other, not against.)- Leaving after the match is over, the party leader cannot bring the party with him or her, which creates additional problems, to include not being able to re-invite those friends back in your party because it’s still saying that they are in my party.
    There are other issues that I have encountered but not as important as the ones I have mentioned. Thank you for listening to your community and I hope these issues will be addressed as soon as possible.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if you’re searching for a match and then back out and try again, your friend roster will appear in place of “searching for players”. You have to back out to the main menu to fix it.

It’s improved for me but at the end of a multiplayer game it freezes on loading screen and I have to restart… Also joining friends and staying together is a real pain. Hope it’s all working as intended soon as when your in a game it’s amazing