Issues easily forgotten due to Battlepass debacle

So it’s pretty obvious that the battlepass and challenge systems are receiving almost universal dislike at the moment. I want to make this post to move on from that, so that other issues are not swept under the rug.

Here are some problems I’ve noticed which aren’t related to the battlepass.

  1. The chopper is very easy to tip over now, in Halo 3 this thing was almost untippable, what changed?

  2. On BTB the location of weapon and vehicle drops is not clear, leading you to follow a pelican across the map or see where a pod landed but not be able to actually find it.

  3. Lack of collision is still an issue as well as friendly fire, these are two problems I particularly don’t want to see swept away by other complaints.

  4. You can’t clash with the energy sword anymode! Seems like every Halo has made this feature less enjoyable, in Halo 3 you could clash infinitely if both players were skilled enough, in Reach you could clash until a player ran out of health but since then, energy sword clashing is gone. This kind of sucks because there was some skill to this and even a simple melee attack from another weapon could help you fend of a sword long enough to survive.

  5. The grenade explosions are very lack luster, it just looks like a simple particle effect and nothing else.

  6. Some of the audio design is still a bit wack, why does the chopper sound like a V8? It’s an Alien vehicle not a car.

  7. No server browser hurts a lot, especially when quick match can get you in a game mode you don’t want to play or have no challenges for, making it feel like a waste of time.

  8. Lack of game modes at the moment and lack of maps makes for a very repetitive experience, compounded by a slow xp system, the game can become quite boring quickly which is certainly not ideal.

  9. At first I wasn’t fussed, but I’ve become a big believer in Flag and Oddball being 1 hit kills. Atm you are limited to a melee weapon with no lunge. 343 stated that melee for these weapons was faster than a standard melee but this means nothing when an enemy can just refuse to engage, you can’t catch them, and you can’t clash against a sword to get a kill even in a melee fight.

  10. Armour coating being locked to specific cores is quite bad, as well as specific armours and “sets” only being available for certain cores. Emiles Knife only being available with his full set for example is tough. For a game which is supposed to have more player expression than ever, it certainly feels like less.

That’s about all I have for now, are you noticing similar issues or any that I’ve missed? I’ll update this post accordingly.


most of these are issues that surely are going to be resolved and don’t detract of the fun to be had, the battle pass gets the hate because it really is game braking at the moment in the sense that it just feels like it kills all the fun.

Possibly but it’s still important to mention the issues because otherwise there is a chance they are forgotten and brought up later. I feel it’s important that all issues are talked about together so that they can be addressed together and not at a later date.

You are absolutely correct about these issues, and I agree that they shouldn’t be ignored.

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The abysmal state of matchmaking and controller aiming has been utterly forgotten too. Aiming on a controller feels terrible. Worse than any game in the series. Its made worse by having to play against Mouse users without having any input based choices.

This game was made for PC users and console players are treated as second.