We have already had the issue with the downloading of game but i shoved that aside…ok no problem its done now. I have tried to play multiplayer and every game has lagged uncontrollably and i ended up being kicked from everygame… Ok expected this because after the MCC i lost alot of faith in 343’s ability… So ok lets do the campaign…i just about smashed my controller into a million tiny fragmants that i wish to embed into the eyes of every employee for 343! Before the cutscene even ended and i could kill something i was kicked yet again? I really just cant believe that this game is failing apart before my very eyes yet again! I have been playing sense halo combat evolved, loved and defended the halo franchise read the books followed hunt the truth collected the comics given my dollars to the franchise for over a decade…but what i just paid for yet again is a joke. I am part of the majority as the older fan base that has stuck by you guys and as a fan im dissapionted.
I have a 30down and 5 up connection with open Nat incase anyone was going to ask. I tried other games such as Destiny without fail… If i have done something wrong or can correct something to make this game work before i smash my xbox with my axe please tell me i am open to suggestions.

If anyone is having any problems please post them in the comments below

for the people here to help who work for 343 please tell me whats going on so i can take a chill pill!

That sucks. I haven’t had any issues. Maybe check your NAT? Wish I could be of more help.

I downloaded the patch and played through the first mission last night. shrug

New multiplayer game has issues at launch. More news at 11.

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> New multiplayer game has issues at launch. More news at 11.


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> I downloaded the patch and played through the first mission last night. shrug

I’m so sorry for your disappointment.

If it had something to do with the installation (like starting the game when it was incomplete, not installing, reinstalling itself Ect.) then I’d say it had a possibility of messing some things up in the process. I’d recommend a hard reboot to your console. I feel like it’s always necessary to hard reboot after installing a new game, especially one with this size to cycle power and storage. Hope this helps!

Tried a hard reset hasnt helped any

That sucks, try resetting your router, I haven’t heard of any networking issues really with the game, I have heard a few people that have had the slow install issues, but I haven’t really seen anything with connectivity. I would double check all of your networking equipment. I was only on briefly this morning before work, but I haven’t had any issues yet.

Sure sounds like this has launched a lot better than the Collection did… Can’t wait to grab my copy today after work