Issue with Quit Probabtion/Ban System?

Anyone else getting this?

I have 2 accounts on a family plan.

I just started using my second account last night. I quit 2 games earlier, then later I received “Quit too many games…” message while a game was loading, then the same message just popped up randomly IN THE MIDDLE OF GAMEPLAY.

Now I just logged on to my second account, where I have no recent quits, and I’m getting the same message.

I haven’t been put on probation or quit-banned in a really long time. Regardless of this probabtion’s legitimacy, is the message supposed to just randomly appear during game play? And why would it affect both of my accounts?


Quit bans can sometimes be applied to the Xbox as well as the player. It is done to stop quitters changing accounts when they get a 10 min ban and dont want to sit out the penalty for quitting. The general rule is 3 quits in an hour will get you a warning and put on probation. The next quit after that warning will see a 10 min ban applied and any subsequent quits once you can play again after the 10 min ban will incur another 10 minute ban. The probation will only reset back to normal after you have had a 48 hour period of “no quit” games after the last game you quit.
In answer to your question about the message i personally havent seen it come up in the middle of a game because i have never had a quit ban or been oput on probation but i have had plenty of friends who have had in come up in games and after games. We figure it is really just the time the banhammer takes to receive played game information and act on it.

The best you can do is dont quit games and once you are on probation dont play for 48 hours. If the problem is your internet dropping out then get it sorted as it will only cause you prolonged suffering.

^well said.

Ok, thanks. I just thought it was weird that the message pops up while a game is loading, then again randomly in the middle of the game just 10 minutes later.