Issue with Promotional Emblem Code, Support Tickets Won't Help, Getting Mixed Signals

This is a follow-up to a topic I created earlier today. I purchased a Razer Deathadder V2 Halo Infinite Edition gaming mouse and redeemed the code for the Fangs emblem (pictured below) on November 12, 2021.

When the game launched, I noticed that this emblem was only available for my nameplate, and I could not select it to equip it for my armor emblem, weapon emblem, or vehicle emblem. And coincidentally, the Fangs emblem is almost identical to the Greenhorn emblem from the shop, but that one works just fine for all four slots.

Fangs Nameplate:

Greenhorn Nameplate:

However, on December 19, 2021, I found another player who had BOTH the Fangs emblem equipped on his nameplate AND his armor emblem slot. Here is proof that the item can be equipped on the armor emblem slot:

So either my code was glitched and gave me only one of the four Fangs emblem items, or I have to buy more than one Razer mouse to get the emblem for the armor, weapon, and vehicle emblem slots. This is even further confusing because the official Razer website shows the emblem being equipped on the chestplate of the Mark VII core, which implies the code would unlock it as well, but mine did not.

Image from razer (dot) com/campaigns/halo-infinite:

I am not sure whether this is false advertising or not. Since the code worked for the other gentleman above, but not for myself.

I have already spoken with both Halo support and Razer support about this issue. Even though Halo support clearly states in its TOS that it cannot give me items, I believe mine is a special case of a promotional code gone wrong. The first time I made a support ticket, the Superintendent messaged me saying to contact the distributor of the promotion for further support. After contacting Razer support, they said that even though they did oversee the promotion, since the issue is in-game, I would have to resolve it with Halo support. So I made a second ticket and the Superintendent said the exact same thing, so I attempted to override it by explaining my situation.

Do you guys think I’ll ever have this issue fixed? Will I just have to buy another mouse or another code off eBay to see if that will fix it? I am at my wit’s end and do not know what else to do or if or when Halo support will get back to me about this issue. Is there anything I can do now temporarily? Please help me if you can, thank you!

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Cmon, theres got to be some way to resolve this…

I think a lot of promo were advertised as “emblems”, but turned out they are ID nameplate only.

Having the same issue here. Anyone have any luck getting this emblem added to their account?