Issue With Exile Map

For some reason, for the last month or two I cannot get into any war game that’s based in Exile. I can’t even get into it locally with Forge. Is there anyway to reinstall maps? I looked at the files in storage and I’m not sure which one to delete so I’d rather not take that risk unless someone who knows gives good advice :wink:

Can you describe what happens when you try to load it locally?

It spins on the UNSC logo for a minute or two, then the screen goes dark, then it goes back to the Halo 4 start screen. This happens if I start a game locally, or try to Forge in it, or I get in a game online where that map was chosen. Other maps don’t have this issue.

So…any ideas to try?

Definitely sounds like a file might be corrupted. Have you checked your storage device for any yellow “!” files yet?

I’ll check that out…

> I’ll check that out…

It may not come up as corrupted. You simply need to delete the Multiplayer (Disc 2) installation from your HDD and reinstall it.

I checked all the files under Halo 4 and none of them had the yellow “!” icon next to them.

Which file do I delete to do this? What’s the name of it?

Should just be “War Games”. As long as you don’t delete anything marked “Saved Game”, you should be able to delete and redownload all files.

You will not be able to recover deleted saved games so don’t delete those.

OK, I’ll give that a try today.

That fixed it! Thanks for the help.

Hooray! Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

Very glad to hear it! Let us know if you run into any more trouble! =)