Issue with Emblem colours?

Hey guys, i just wanted to say that i may have discovered a slight glitch in the system to do with the colours of your emblem.

I noticed today that the colour you pick, isn’t the one that gets put on the emblem. The colour seems to be a lot, lot darker and doesn’t look a thing like the colour you selected.

The one i noticed straight away, is when you select “Coral” (mid orange colour) it puts it as a quite strong red as the emblem. Similar darkening of the colours occurs for all colours, for all 3 parts of the emblems.

Thinking it was my TV, i checked out armour colours. These work fine, the colour you pick is the one that shows up.

Obviously this is unintentional, but can anybody else check to confirm this?

This could be something that will be fixed in a patch.

Yes, I’ve noticed it. Probably an accident. Nothing game breaking, so just move on.

i dont think its your game. i think its your tv. i have many tvs in my house with multiple xboxs with halo 4 cod and stuff and i dont have any issues with the colors. plus i have old tvs with no hdmi and flat screens with hdmi. i think its your tv or chord that you are using to connect the tv to your xbox

I noticed this tooo, and the orange is the furthest off of all the colours.