Issue with controller on PC

I’ve been having an issue with my controller on MCC today, I play MCC on steam and use DS4 windows. What happens in-game, only tested in Halo 3 so far, is that whenever I use a specific button/trigger, like the B/O button and the right trigger, and randomly when I move around in-game, the game switches the controlled inputs to a keyboard’s controls, and I’ve tested with a keyboard and mouse and it’s not bugged, and before anyone suggests it, yes, I’ve tried to play with a controller on different games, and yes, it works perfectly fine for other games. Is this a bug in MCC or a controller issue specifically for MCC, and if so, does anyone have any suggestions that could help me fix this?

Is this happening in matchmaking or custom games? Matchmaking locks you into one input last I checked. If your preferred input is gamepad it wouldn’t even read inputs for gameplay from MKB.

If that’s the case, then it should work well in certain playlists with a controller. I’ve only tested it in custom games/forge, it looks like it’s just another one of the annoying bugs on PC because I’ve also been having to deal with a bug where I can’t switch text chat channels for a while, and funny enough, whenever MCC lets me change the text chat channel, the controller works perfectly fine too.