Issue regarding 'fireteam' play

I have searched to submit feedback, could not find it anywhere. If this is the wrong place, I’m sorry, please show me to the right place to submit feedback.

My main issue is not being able to identify my fire team members from non-fireteam players. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Battlefield, but I would highly appreciate the HUD and minimap (motion sensor) to display my fire team members in a different color (i.e other than blue). I know this seems like a little thing but it makes a huge, huge difference. I can’t play without it anymore, it’s a hassle to go searching all match for my fireteam in Warzone especially. And before you say it, even with verbal communication meeting up is time consuming, time that should be spent hunting down AI or holding down an objective. The reason why I believe this feature would be great to implement unlike some other features wanted is because those who do use it, like myself, would benefit hugely and for those who don’t, no harm done!

Again, sorry if this is the wrong place, most likely is but I need this to be heard by somebody - anybody.