Issue not known

When victory occurs in stronghold, underneath it says lost by and this lists the number. For example it’ll say “you lost 200-130” and it says that right under the victory sign which is completley retasted and should easily be fixed by setting a condition that changes the script. If player wins say “you won 200-130” and the other condition should be if player list say “you lost 130-200”.

Another problem is that occasionally player stats at the end of the game will switch between players, I noticed it when my ally had my stats. How I am sure of this and know I’m not conceited? Because he built only 1 base and was defeated early on while I built 3 bases. But the end of Game stats showed he built 3 and I built 1.

A suggestion I want to make is give players the option to choose between 2v2 and 3vr match made games. In halo wars they had separate searches for each 1v1 2v2 3v3 game and their respective modes.