ISSUE: Halo Reach custom maps' continuously keep downloading to my file share.

I downloaded a bunch of maps on yesterday, now whenever I’m playing the game it downloads them again and again and again. It downloads them every few minutes when not doing anything, or after every single game I play. I have tried all I can think of to stop this, including clearing my download queue on and wiping all of my Reach HDD files. Nothing has fixed this issue.
Please help, it’s driving me mad going through my list deleting hundreds of duplicates.

Why are you duplicating this thread in the Campaign forum?

Anyway, I vaguely remember someone else posted the issue on BNet, and Achronos said to click the “Clear Download Queue” in their on-site Download History. Have you tried that?

Actually I posted it here first by accident and duplicated it in the multiplayer after realising… my bad.
And I clearly stated in the post I had already tried that.

I have cleared my download queue (which has 4 pages of the same downloads which never go away).
I have also deleted and reinstalled all of my Halo Reach HDD files.

None of this has worked. And am still getting duplicate files whenever I am on the menu between games etc.

I am at a loss what to do next, tried posting on Bungie and they suggested coming here. Either way, it is driving me mad.