Issue buying Blitz Packs

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So this is not the account I am having the issue on. My actual account is Gae Bulgg on xbox live and in Halo. My issue, and why I am not posting using that account, is that it has been indefinitely suspended and I am unable to make any kind of forum post or reach out for support on WayPoint while logged into that account.

On Sunday, August 5, 2018, I purchased 2 packs of Halo Wars 2: 20 Blitz Packs + 3 Free.

After reaching out to Microsoft support in regards to this issue, I was referred to reaching out for game support here. The reference numbers to these purchases are 8194707651 and 4893701524, both purchased on the PC version of the game. I clicked on the “Store” tab in the main screen of the game which opens the Microsoft Store app that allows in-game purchases and so on. The packs never showed in the game. The reference numbers in regards to Microsoft support are both 1435926533 and the most recent being 1436241777.

Both attempts at their support lead to reaching out on here for help.

As far as TroubleShooting goes, outside of contacting Microsoft chat support, I have done the following:

Logged out and then back into my Microsoft Account on both the store and Xbox app on Windows 10
Uninstalled and Reinstalled the game on PC
Waited over 48 hours as suggested by the first representative from microsoft
Logged into the Xbox One version on my S (no packs showed except the daily login)
Deleted and reinstalled the game on xbox one
Deleted both versions off both devices, then reinstalled the PC version first then the Xbox one version
Did the same but reinstalled on xbox first then PC

None of these have resulted in the packs showing in-game at all. I was charged for both and the payment was processed but no packs to open in-game. Is there any way I could get a hand in this matter to either receive the packs I purchased or refund the purchase? and if I have to be logged into that account on here to get support on that account, is there a way we could lift the suspension on it so I could reach out using that the account actually being affected?