Isolating Spartan Kills in "Player Match History"?

Hi all,

I’m looking to isolate spartan kills from the “Player Match History” endpoint ({player}/matches[?modes][&start][&count]). To my knowledge, this seems to be the only endpoint allowing one to iterate through matches. My goal is to pull spartan kills and deaths from a number of matches. “TotalKills” : “int” seems to be the only parameter tracking kills, and it includes AI kills.

Is there any way to use this endpoint to isolate spartan kills from Warzone matches? If not, is there any other way to iterate through game history from another endpoint, pulling only-spartan kills and deaths on a match-by-match basis? I’m having trouble finding a way to do so through the different endpoints.


Hi FlamingBull! In order to get more detailed information about the match, you should call the appropriate Match Result operation (Halo 5 - Match Result - Arena, Halo 5 - Match Result - Campaign, Halo 5 - Match Result - Custom, or Halo 5 - Match Result - Warzone). To answer your question in particular, the number of Spartan Kills is available in the Match Result response under “TotalSpartanKills”. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply! So would I be correct in understanding that if I want to iterate through each game, in order to pull/understand the spartan kills and deaths for each warzone game, I would have to extract all the match_ids via the “Player Match History” endpoint, and provide them in the Halo 5 - Match Result - Warzone endpoint? It seems that “match id” is a requirement for that endpoint, so iterating through multiple games would require multiple IDs.

You got it!