Isn't Ranked Just Swell?

I think that is more likely because you were not playing up to the expectations the system had for the MMR you were at so the system corrected and lowered your MMR but since you completed your challenge you went back to playing normally, played better and the match therefore felt impossible to lose.

I know for me personally when I play ranked I go on long losing streaks of like 10+ games at times and the system keeps my competition around the same level. You can look up my stats on halo tracker, I’m around 42% win rate which is pretty low if the game really wanted a 50% win rate. You would expect me to be within 1-2% of that 50% given the amount of matches I have played. However because I always play my hardest in ranked it keeps my MMR around the same range so I get consistently difficult matches for my skills.

This is Halos new and horrible motto that needs to become the dodo motto by November! It’s a great day when Halo functions slightly better is a sentence no one should be proud of.

Ok I need to vent. In a CTF match up 2-1 . My teammate drops we go to OT and lose 3-1
I lose 5 csr from a game we have nooooo chance of winning after it’s 3 on 4. Don’t take my csr when I’m getting completely screwed after grinding 10 minutes balls out. It’s discouraging af.


Justtttt happened again king of the hill up 3-1 dropped a guy. This is bull!!!

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They have to drop CSR. It’s tough - but can you imagine how abused the system would be if they didn’t?

Normally it’s -15 for the quitter and -3 for those left behind. Which is reasonable.

If you lost more it’s probably because your CSR is higher than your MMR and the system needs to pinch a bit more back.

Frustrating as though.

But thats the whole problem isn’t it?

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The game literally just matched me against Shaady from Ascend. His peak CSR is 2200+. His teammates were two golds and a silver :joy::joy::joy:

We won the game, mostly by feasting on those three before he could slaughter all of us. Although I did get a 360 shock rifle no scope on him which I’m pretty pleased with. Ranked is swell

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Solution: Ranked FFA. Hopefully in the July update

I too am haunted by terrible teammates.



They shouldn’t give CSR for non-ranking wins if your CSR >= MMR. Even though it’s a small and inconsequential amount, people are too invested in the grind.

Or, just change the scale on the CSR and it will stop happening naturally.

TrueSkill2 isn’t the problem. It’s the way 343 are presenting the result.

Your CSR should not be coupled with MMR, but just with winning/losing and how much you win/lose by.

But that’s a slow and very inaccurate way of ranking.

You have to take into account the rank of the team you played. It’s way more important than by “how much you win/lose by”.

If you were a good player and hit up a server at a time of low population you could easily go on long winning streaks. Under your system it would be a one way ticket to Onyx. Without necessarily playing many (or even winning) against Onyx ranked teams.

We have a very accurate representation of your skill rank. The MMR. There is no point using anything else. It’s right there. We just need 343 to fix the CSR system.

So be it this is not working

Could it be better? Yes, definitely.

I’ve been advocating hard for a change up in the scale of the CSR. It just isn’t working using the same one as the MMR. I think that 99.9% of peoples problems would be fixed by this.

But on the same token, 343 could easily smooth a lot of people’s issues with simple communication.

For example. So many people still think their personal performance influences the post game CSR change. They get upset because they carried the oddball for three and half hours and only got +1 CSR point.

343 need to clearly communicate the simple things. And they could do it very easily - like on those pre-game loading screens. People would be much more accepting if they knew that;

  1. CSR changes have NOTHING to do with personal performance.
  2. The key to ranking up is beating better teams (not beating up lower ranked ones).
  3. The only performance metric with increased weighting are kpm and dpm.

We need access to our MMR summary. Josh Menke used to produce graphics for people which showed their MMRs over time (global and for each play list).

And they need to explain how kpm works. It took a bit for me to get my head around it. It’s not about smashing players lower than you - it’s holding your own vs the ranks above you. If you want to be Onyx you have to be able to go 1.5 to 1.7 kpm against Onyx players.

Again, when Josh was explaining people’s ranks to them he would give a break down of their kpm vs other divisions. eg. You are have a 1.6 kpm vs Diamond but only 0.5 kpm vs Onyx - so you are clearly Diamond.

343 seem to be going out of their way to make it confusing. It doesn’t have to be. And they are promoting the CSR grind - which is just crippling for players who can’t let go of a few points (even though the change is not significant).

Again. What 343 need to do is;

  1. Change the CSR to somewhere between 1 to 50 and 1 to 100 (or 117). I would keep Bronze to Onyx but make them 10 tiers each (essentially 1 to 60). Make each of the Onyx tiers special, eg. “Champion”, “Spartan”, etc.

  2. Add in a XP grind, weighted to wins and medals, for those who want per-game reward.

Hey presto. Everything is fixed.

Yes beating better teams is key but it’s using mmr not the rankings to determine who’s better I’m up against a diamond 5 with lower equivalent mmr but he has the ranked experience and advantage of being better than me at ranked but when he beats me he gets a nice jump and I get thumped. 343 overlooked too many things about ranked

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Your MMR is your rank. That’s your skill.

Early in your ranking journey your CSR tends to underestimate your skill. It chases the left hand edge of your MMR curve (three standard deviations below the mean). But anyone who has 50+ games under their belt has a very narrow MMR curve that the MMR and CSR are pretty much the same.

You can see that people’s CSR’s drift up 5-10 points and then drop back on a loss. The MMR and CSR are pretty much hovering at the same level.

I think it would be very unusual for a player to have a significantly lower MMR than their CSR. Especially Diamond and above.

Isn’t experience and skill advantage part of your rank?

If you got “thumped” then what you know is that you are not D5 level.

And being beaten by a team ranked significantly higher than you won’t do a lot of damage to your MMR (or improve theirs).

I shouldn’t be playing him you constantly ignore the point. Do you work for 343?? This system is busted plain and simple

Generally you shouldn’t.

But a P6 being in a game vs D5 isn’t a huge stretch - especially outside popular hours or if running with (or vs) a squad.

If the opposition average MMR was above yours you won’t have lost much, if any, rank. And a great opportunity to rank up!

No he thumped us and it wasn’t fun at all

I’m only going to quote this.
The problem with this is that for whatever reason, some matches feel sweaty and competitive even when the game thinks you’re supposed to win .
Mayb some guy on the other team is playing better than expected, maybe a teammate isn’t playing as weel as usual, the reason doesn’t matter
So people play and try hard, expecting to see their csr raise after a difficult match, yet it doesn’t.

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Yesterday I had the map streets 8 times in a row won them all (that’s my house)… cracked me up I’m not exaggerating either. Does tru skill acknowledge that 50 percent of the games have less than 8 players by the end. Probably less than 7 now that I think about it lol. I love halo but it needs to be more transparent with ranking in order to have clout in my humble opinion