Islands on Silent Cartographer

Remember in the mission Silent Cartographer there were NO invisible walls around the map and you could just drive your worthog hog out to sea? So I was watching the demo of Silent Cartographer just now and I noticed all these little islands that 343 added that are just placed miscellaneously around the Cartographer island. My question is will we be able to explore all those little islands, (343 that would be cool if you put a Terminal on one) or did 343 put invisible walls around the island? Or will all those little body’s of land just be visuals and have no solid physics?

Those islands can probably be holding an easter egg or maybe a terminal!

There were invisible walls, they were just far out.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.

> There were invisible walls, they were just far out.

lol I remember using a warthog, to ram me though the invisble walls. Ahhhh the memories

Ok, I am definitely looking for those islands this November! I really hope there is an easter egg on one of them. I want to explore Anniversary so badly.

The islands are probably gonna be on the other side of the invisible wall.

Let me get this straight. There were invisible walls on the island, it’s just that they were very far out.

There won’t be any easter eggs on the islands, because in order for that to happen they would either have to remove the barrier or code in extra islands inside the barrier, which would be changing the original coding.

They said they didn’t add any invisible walls.