Isabel LockDown Scorpion

Its one of her cards in Blitz. Why isn’t this a unique unit to her in deathmatch…or at least a unit drop leader ability?

Isabel is actually quite easy to make viable if they would focus on her hacking and taking over control of units theme. Like Serena has ice, kinsano fire, Shipmaster hit and run etc. Isabel needs to be all about taking over other units.

At least give her the lockdown scorpion with some shields…

Been asking this since the full game came out.

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> Been asking this since the full game came out.

Yea… Just seems odd. I feel it could breathe some life back into this leader. She needs a rework of a few abilities but adding this in would be awesome

Then again maybe somethings are just Blitz specific. But serious that one shouldn’t. That thing just looks terrifying on the battlefield.

Her powers do seem super basic. Mines, healing, etc.

Her mac blast is also incredibly weak. She should be able to drop in 2 or 3 when you upgrade it.