Isabel leader powers

I was watching a stream last night with somebody playing Isabel. She is a leader I have hardly ever used so I was curious how somebody uses her. I watched quite a few games. She seems to be decent enough late game but getting there was often a problem. Plus even if you’re recycling units late in the game they just don’t compete with veteran unit drops (that practically every other leader has) to refill your army. I was just wondering if the following changes were made would it improve her?

Switch mines to point 2 on the leader wheel. Strategically placing mines may be a better early game play since they are cloaked and are cheaper. Granted her Mac Blast is great at point 3 but since people know that it is coming they pre-split the armies they push with anyway. So even if they are not looking it doesn’t totally wreck them.
Then remove the turret drop altogether and replace it with a survivability unit drop similar to what shipmaster has. Like a veteran sniper, cyclops, wolverine and nightingale. This could be good to help you survive through the midgame.

As somebody that doesn’t play with Isabel I was just wondering what others thought. Would this help her be a little bit more competitive against the real top tier leaders?

She doesn’t need a drop or even turret drop needs to be replaced with Pelican and Accerlated Assembly needs to actually be a real passive. The Hog build time goes from.
No Acc: 24s (I think?)
Lvl 1 Acc: 18s
Lvl 2 Acc: 18s and only a 25 supply difference.