Is your Xbox 360 clan new, struggling to grow

Is your Xbox 360 clan new, struggling to grow or having frequent problems between members? Hi there, my name is James and I have lead my clan for over 8 years. I started it and grew it to a strong 85 members, and were receiving golds left and right from clan competitions. Believe me, I have seen and been through all the problems you can think of. With this knowledge I want to help people and there clans. So if your clan is struggling in any way I can help you fix it and improve it. I would also like to help clans get started and to teach you tips and tricks if you would like. My Gamer Tag is PappaWentz707, If you would like help with your clan, massage me on Xbox or reply with your Gamer Tag so I can help you and your clan or to help you get started with your own clan. Thanks and have a great day!

There’s really only a few simple rules any community leader needs to follow to do well.

  • Recruit constantly, in every applicable venue, but follow the rules in all cases of those venues. All group’s ads do better if everyone follows the rules.

  • Know your mission, define it clearly, seek to please those who share your vision and let everyone else look and move on. You cannot please everyone. If you try to, you will fail. Please those fellow gamers who are in your same niche.

  • Maximize use of social media; YouTube, Twitter, Face Book, Google Plus. Waypoint / 343 is on all those, you can get a lot of buzz going for your group simply by liking, favoriting, sharing content put out by 343. 343 is very good about directly engaging community members on its social media.

  • Realize there’s room for all groups / communities / clans - because they’re as unique as individual community members. We all should work together, to help facilitate folks getting to the right community, and not work against each other.

  • Don’t take help / resources from someone that you cannot learn to do yourself. If a person ceases to be a member, they’ll likely take their resource / knowledge away.

That said, good luck in helping folks. The community as a whole could use a positive boost.

I know I’d like to see more communities in here with the maturity / self respect to follow the rules. I hope you’ll help some folks out.