Is your multiplayer Spartan based on anything?

I kind of prefer a more bulkier armor set up to look like I’m the first to breach an enemy strong hold after blowing in the door. Reach has the most bulky of sets though, but terrible color options for your Spartan, so I have to stick to Mark VII for now. Regardless though, I like how my Mark VII Spartan looks.

You call that adapting, but I call it settling or giving in. I’ve made plenty of cool looking Spartans in 3, Reach and 4, but I’ve always been able to select the colors to help build that look and make them more unique. And for my personal Spartan my colors are Dark Grey and Navy. I can’t look like how I see my Spartan looking.

Now we all have limited options unless we pay money for each and every single individual thing. We also can’t choose those colors for that look. You have to just settle for what you have. When it comes to armor pieces and customization options I can settle for what’s in the game currently and what I have access to because that’s always been how it works. With the bs exception of microtransactions causing those access limits unlike past games that required progressing through the system to earn and unlock those items. However I will not “adapt” or settle for this coatings system!


Don’t give me a jar full piss and tell me it’s lemonade.

(Just for context those last two bits are directed at 343i and not you Uni)

My Spartan is just based on HCS unlockable items or my favorite animal, cats. :slight_smile:

My Spartan is on the Mark V [B] core with either the Mark VI or Mark V helmet, Vandal (gold visor), ODST shoulders, and Grenadier kneepads. He’s either Cadet Green or the color that makes you the Noble Six Dark Grey color with blue shield lights.

I just like making my Spartan look like the OG uniform green Spartans in Mjolnir armor with minimal alterations. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and wear the ODST set with a blue visor.

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My Spartans cores are as ODST as they can get. If I can’t get it to at least slightly resemble an ODST, I just don’t use it.

And if an Elite core every actually comes, i’m never playing a Spartan again. Even if the core is notably disadvantageous.

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I have my Spartan decked out in the Eaglestrike Armor Core wearing the White Tiger Coating, Scarlet Hunter Visor, Kalbros Helmet, and trench knife chest piece, with twin blade Utility attachment. I was going for a Word war 2 German era like Spartan and to be honest I think it turned out pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:

Yoroi: On the cyber showdown event

My Spartan is really just a badass Spartan IV convert from ODST. He uses the experimental Firefall helmet, which is utilized for Spartans who helljump from orbit without need of a drop-pod. Most of his drip is quite conservative, save for the large shoulder-pad with an Eagle on it. His kit is designed for quick deployments as a support, rather than the heavy-hitter for missions; he’ll engage in battles that are one-sided in the enemy’s favor, acting as an upsetter unit that hits the hard points in enemy deployments so his allies can get back into the fight.

In this game my wallet. :laughing:

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