Is Waypoint Glitchy for iPhone 4S?

I use my iPhone to access Waypoint, and recently, the app has been acting quite strangely. Here are some examples of this unusual behavior:

A) I’ll be scrolling down a page and the Waypoint drop-down menu will overlap and block off what I’m trying to view.

B) I’ll be trying to view posts in a thread, but the page will adjust itself, sporadically, from top to bottom.

C) I’ll try to post or create a thread, but the drop-down menu will interfere and, unintentionally, sign me out of Waypoint.

Has anybody else experienced these issues on a mobile device using the Waypoint app? It’s really annoying, and I’ve even thought about deleting the app so that I could just access Waypoint through Safari.

Can I get a mod or a member of 343i to clarify what the nature of the problem might be?

Nope. Don’t have such issues.

I don’t use the waypoint app, I just go on safari and then get on waypoint there. It functions the same as this waypoint…until you try to access your stats. Then it needs those flash stuff. Which phones can’t really have.

Try that. If not…delete and redownload. Try that.