Is watchdogs actually getting fixed and 343 compensating for the mess, or will they ignore it all the way through S3?

So at this point I sound like a broken record but its been over 3 months I believe, since 343 said they were aware of the issue with the 152 rewards.
Yet ever since then, there hasnt been any other mention of it or any aknowledgement to other similar issues with duplicate coatings or items being too similar between one that asks for a lot of effort while the other requires one to watch twitch for 2 hours.

Its almost been an entire year since release and this still being an issue is not just worrying anymore, but straight up bothersome when anyone who supported 343 all the way before the launch of infinite and went through the hardest lvl grind of a single Halo title, gets the feeling each and every time that 343 just doesnt care enough to even uphekd a promise that goes all the way back to 2020.


They’re probably hoping people give up and move on.

I kind of forgot about it since superior coatings came out anyway. Primal Glory and those one set of coats released for the weapons, which were all twitch drops. I believe the HCS Winter were the weapon coatings.

Eventually? How about not at all? At this point in time, I doubt 343 is gonna fix anything as trivial as cosmetics that you don’t buy with Infinite currency.

Yeh I suspect you’re right on this. Too many false promises and I doubt I’ll get the reward which was claimed to have existed.