Is War zone firefight going to be the last update?

Is this going the be the last one I’m pretty upset if it is I hope there is a post free summer update

I have a feeling there will be more. We always get a Warzone Assualt varient of Warzone maps. The absence of one for the newest Warzone map is the biggest hint at more content.

They stated it won’t be the last.

The last one planned on schedule released way back around launch. There is likely to be more as we are still lacking some req that should exist. My money is on there being more.

They’ve already confirmed that there will be more content in the future. Whether it’s on par with the monthly updates is yet to be known (probably not). 343 also said that during the Warzone Firefight live stream on Tuesday, they’ll have some surprises for us or something like that

If Req packs keep selling, Updates keep coming.
The example I always use here is ME3MP, that mode got more updates and lasted far far longer than anyone expected because people kept buying those packs.

On the articles on Firefight it said it is the latest update so there might be more.