Is UNSC Infinity destroyed?

When playing Halo Infinity I always hear UNSC Infinity is destroyed, while it is possible I just don’t think it is.

Could be Banished just trying to get under you’re armour or it actually is!

Well, I am not sure but I believe it is not for the reason that it is actually floating above parallel to the ring above the Chief position.

Looking up, you will see the ship. Now destroyed can mean a lot of things I think, could be ship is abandoned and not operational but still structurally intact.

I believe, when you looked directly above that is UNSC Infinity and maybe not destroyed like in half, pieces but just not operational and probably got a few bolts blown off.

Let me know your thoughts, is it destroyed or is it intact and maybe it is brought back to kick banished off the ring!



Either destroyed or super crippled. Either way, unclear.


The campaign strongly implies that it’s destroyed outright in my opinion, but it could just be grounded and out of commission (like it was in H4 on Requiem, but presumably a good deal worse).

I wonder if the new encyclopedia sheds any light on it?


Hard to say, there is a ship that looks like Infinity crashed in the scenery, but then it could still be just crippled in space, can also be Spirit of Fire might turn up.

I hope Lasky comes into the campaign at some point, I kinda like the mystery of it

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Based on the only reliable narrators of Infinite, the audio logs, the Infinity was destroyed in a few minutes when it was somehow suddenly ambushed by a massive Banished fleet in the middle of no where in deep dark space, where the Infinity would have certainly saw the Banished coming but whatever, anyways… Captain Lasky and of course, nearly all the UNSC magically evacuated down to the Zeta’s surface but even six months after the evacuation somehow we still have no idea exactly which characters are alive or who is dead. But don’t you worry! Due to the power of plot armor! The UNSC is still totally capable of fighting a massive war with the Banished in the middle deep space with no allies or assistance.

I’m 100% positive that the writers left EVERYTHING so wide open in the story telling so that they won’t get backed into writer’s block again. But they left it to open ended in my opinion, because to many questions have to be asked to figure out WTF is going on and not enough answers are ever given.

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Nothing in the section on Humanity that would indicate destroyed vs crippled. I believe they left it open so the games can do their thing. Working through the section on Forerunners now, will see if anything in the Banished section afterwards sheds any further light.

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Thanks for the insight!

I can guarantee that they are reserving the Infinity now for some future update, probably one where we find the crash site on the ring and get to explore it.

Sounds cool, but feels super weak that this wasn’t part of the game already…

yeah, it would be cool if we would find its wreckage on the Halo ring or something.

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I think it’s more likely that the Banished have captured the Infinity…wouldn’t make sense for them to destroy it since it would be like another trophy for them.