Is throwback ranked or just a "real"....

real playlist?

What is a “real” real playlist?

It has Trueskill, however the game may disregard your skill if it has trouble finding you a match.

If that’s what you’re asking.

Its just social slayer. All of halo 4 is social lists.

nothing is ranked yet. There is a behind the scenes ranking that is supposed to put people of similar skill together.

Not sure what you mean by “real”

So it’s just another social playlist

clap clap clap

Good work 343, the PS4 and WiiU keep sounding better every day.

I honestly only have an Xbox because Halo is exclusive…

Yep, perfectly good trueskill rank in that playlist. All you need for a good Halo experience.

What is a “real” playlist?

OP Throwdown is not ranked yet, but will be soon. There’s a bulletin regarding Team Throwdown and how CSR will be implemented at a later date, look it up.