Is This What Gaming Communities Have Come To?

Whether it is Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, or any other title it seems like anytime there is a sequel released for the game the developers are met with a rioting squad of haters who wish nothing more than to see the developer burned at the stake and each members head lined up on spikes outside the studio figuratively speaking. People complain that the developers don’t listen to them but you have to wonder what they are thinking over in the studio. Just think about it. When 343 comes on these forums to see what people think of their game no more than a month in they only see hate and everyone wanting them to hand over their resignations because it isn’t the previous iteration of the game or they didn’t get every little thing they wanted. I bet they sit there in the studio laughing at the community because they believe themselves of higher ability in game development than the developers themselves. They must get a kick out of the community thinking they could do what they do better than them.

Come on people. Is this really what gaming communities have come to. just hating on every game ever released now. I don’t think I can find a gaming forum that isn’t rioting against the game associated with it.

you’re not gonna get much replies cause you’re not bashing the game, just the way it is.