Is this true??

Is it really true that Steve Downes just left 343i?? If so does anyone know why, or what this means??

Steve never worked for 343i that I know of, sure he’s just a contracted voice actor. If you’re referring to the tweet he posted a day or so ago, that’s most like a tease about both the game going gold / his voice acting for Halo 5 being completed and the hunt the truth marketing

He hasnt left the franchise. We will still have masterchief in halo 6, so he is still going to be voicing for that. his tweet was just for apreciation for 343 and him being apart of something on the scale of that which halo as turned into over the years.

The tweet was part of the Visualizer, (Master Chief Memorial thingy)You can find it somewhere in visor. Steve Downes was Just playin along.