Is this Tactical Ops challenge even possible?

I have a challenge called Vakara Approved “Kill Enemy Spartans with thr Commando Rifle in Tactical Slayer”

I know there is battle rifle, mangler, and sidekick tactical slayer starts but can you even find a commando in Tac Slayer?


Should be included this week:

In week one, your Tactical Slayer experience will feature the BR, Mangler, and Sidekick variants; in week two, Commando and Stalker Rifles will be added to the playlist lineup.

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No. It isn’t possible. lmao

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GTFO these forums and go turn the game on for even one second.

Ah, I didnt catch that anywhere. Thanks for the info!

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It should be, but it isn’t (yet). Just saw my friend play some tac slayer and he got sidekick and mangler ones… (only those ofcourse, since he had a challenge requiring BR kills in tac slayer…)

I have the same weekly challenge!
Looking at the game list for the Tactical Slayer playlist it only shows:
Tactical:Slayer (BRs)
Tactical:Slayer Sidekicks
Tactical:Slayer Manglers.