Is this slow movement a big mistake?

I’ve played every halo. I’ve loved every multiplayer. Say what you want about halo 5 but it was a successful multiplayer. A successful and natural evolution to the franchise. I felt like a spartan. I could make amazingly cool plays and kills. Sprint is Soo slow in the flighting it’s sad. What makes you different now halo. Add some sprint speed or slide speed or wall jump. Or anything. Because here’s why, listen close. Now you went backwards. And halo is no different than any other game. In fact apex now is way more mobile and fun. I want to feel like a spartan. Not a sluggish armoured soldier. Innovate or die. Nothing out there was like halo 5. And in your quest to please everyone. All these old school no sprint players who probably never were gunna play much anyways, are still complaining because there is a sprint. And all of us that enjoyed the skillful fast paced play that was started in reach n evolved into 4 and halo 5 is now gone. This feels a reach sequel not. A halo 5 sequel. I want halo to be my favorite shooter. But if it’s no fun because I’m not doing anything stimulating or fast or skillful. I’m not gunna play it when you have other games that have the exact same mechanics but do them better. Like apex. How are you going to survive in the genre like you wanted when you devolved the game. When it does nothing you can’t do or get in these new games. I’m shocked. N mad. Kiki broke her promise again I m.o. she said halo 5 multiplayer was a great success. N the campaign needed to be fixed. She said they were going in the right direction with the multiplayer, and she was right. Now it’s stripped to bear bones movement. I felt like a slug. It wasn’t fun. I couldn’t get away or make fun plays. Cuz I had no tools or abilities Todo so like I did in h 5. It just blows my mind that your biggest franchise your making irrelevant trying to please people who don’t want to be able to sprint or have abilities. Like new things are what we want not Togo backwards. And again infinite now does nothing to separate it from it competion. Itl take less skill be less fun than halo 5. There was nothing out like halo 5. Why make your game like everyother game but even slower with less abilities. I don’t understand. I can only speak for myself but I expected this sequel to add to the games that came before. This feels like another reset. And with it being less fun n less unique. How is it gunna hold up against the competion. Hope y’all halo so called purist are happy. I’m a halo purist I’ve played them all n liked them all. And I love the lore. Read a lot of the books. I played to feel like a future super shoulder. A halo unsc spartan. Not a sluggish soldier, or a new take on halo reach or back to being a spartan 3. That can clamber. Thx. N I can’t even pick a starting ability. You took away 6 or 7 starting abilities and are now gunna make me fight over those on the map too. Great I’m not surprised. But I am disappointed. At least add a lil more sprint or slide speed. FOR THE SAKE OF THE FRANCHISE. if someone wants to play a halo with no sprint u did that already. N updated it for them. You didn’t need to stop innovating and evolving your amazing multiplayer. I still like it. But it’s not unique anymore. N what it offers is not as much as other games in the same space offer now because you got scared n went backwards instead of adding to a very fun and successful halo 5 multiplayer, like you said you would. N you stripped it down n now it feels like another halo game. But a dumbed down type of halo. It’s been a long time since halo 5. And this is your sequel to that. And to what those Spartans could do. The only thing unique about halo infinite is the soundtrack. While halo 5 is still the only fps like it. Your going backwards not forwards and I certainly am disappointed

You are right it is not a halo 5 sequel, its more like a halo 3 evolution some like that some dont. The majority like it. Halo 5 was definitely more fluid no doubt about it, but I dont think the gameplay was as fun. Im having a blast with the grappleshot and repulsor though.

I posted this a long time ago, but sprint was an illusion. They had to make the maps bigger to accommodate sprint. Feel free to read. My thoughts on sprint in halo.

Now that sprint has been relegated to a small increase, they can finally make smaller sized arena maps that no longer take you days to traverse without sprinting.

Have you tried increasing your FoV?
That does wonders to feeling fast

From what I’ve seen so far the majority of the fanbase like the shift back towards a more classic arcade shooter movement system.

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> Have you tried increasing your FoV?
> That does wonders to feeling fast

I noticed this. It also significantly helped my Sidekick aim.

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> I posted this a long time ago, but sprint was an illusion. They had to make the maps bigger to accommodate sprint.
> Now that sprint has been relegated to a small increase, they can finally make smaller sized arena maps that no longer take you days to traverse without sprinting.

It definitely helps make the weapon sandbox more enjoyable too not having a strong sprint in the game or heavy movement capabilities.

I’m sure the sandbox will have multiple ways for you to turn I into the game you want; especially when forge comes around. I’m not as experienced to the halo franchise as you; being a pc gamer I had to wait for the mcc to come to pc. And I’m curious on what halo 5 gameplay feels. Maybe I don’t have much of a say in the way halo infinite turns out but I almost encouraged the deployment of the first flight radar as it reminded me of csgos minimap. I feel like it would allow more tactical play. But I’ve come to accept the way the majority of the halo community like the game. The only big issue I’ve only really had is with the aim assist.

No it’s not a mistake and no it’s not slow.

Like I keep saying
If sprint has to stay in halo, this in itys current itteration is a sprint I can handle

In case you were unaware, there are many of us who started with the series on CE who never liked the enhanced movement in 5. The game had always felt fast enough without needing those major changes that turned it into a whole new game. 343 have now perfected the formula in Infinite, taking the best of classic Halo and modernizing it in all the right ways. It isn’t ‘slow’ either. Go and play Halo CE, then come back to me and call Halo Infinite slow.

Yes it is slow. I play apex I play cod. And your literally slower as a spartan then a normal human? You have no cool abilities as a super powered soldier now. And as for a lot of you who didn’t like halo 5. Il bet you didn’t give it a chance. And if you didn’t play it you have no clue as to how skillful and nuanced the game was. I didn’t like the campaign. Ok. I liked the multiplayer. Yes there trying to make it a combination of everything. But halo ce was 20 years ago and I did play the hell out of it n every halo. If you didn’t like halo 5 your probably just not a very good player n your happy now because the game will be easier for you. But I’m telling you it’s not good for the brand that the prequel to infinite had more abilities, and endless possibilities in combat. Compared to this. If they just kept the dodge. That alone would of separated it from everyother shooter. And say nothing for lore continuity. What they could do all this stuff as Spartans but now they can’t. Read a book see what a spartan can actually do. Like they took abilities AWAY. Copied apex with a grappling hook. Big deal lol. It’s not unique. I’ve already played this multiplayer in reach. N countless hours of it. Do you really think this game is going to pull top streamers and pros away from other shooters that are more fun? N more skillful games? The game literally went backwards. What about having a counter to the sword or hammer with a one pump shotgun. I like the bulldog but they didn’t have to throw out the old guns. Where’s my dmr. Where’s all the promethian weapons? U don’t make a sequel on a new gen console n PC. With less in it then it’s precessor. Halo 5 was victem to a bad time in Xbox. N a bad campaign. The multiplayer was the best thing I ever played. This is a betrayal. But go jog around strafe n shoot each other with little else Todo. See how long that’s fun for when we are used to games giving us so much more. N I guess forget what the Spartans could do. Did you know about spring jumping? Using the crouch jump n float mechanic to get to higher areas? The dash slide jump to get where your going fast n I’m sorry. But I played the flight the 4v4 maps are not smaller. The halo 5 maps were not bigger like people keep saying. They just are not. There exact same size. As halo 5 4v4 maps so some of you simply don’t have the facts correct. It’s a step backwards in what I could do in the game. It’s been years I expected it to change. But I also expected some semblance of continuation. And a lot of fun abilities. I hope it’s better when it drops cuz right now I’m just saying if I’m saying anything. It’s not gunna compete with these other games. You run faster in call of duty for God sake. Spartans can run who knows exactly how fast there’s been different instences in the books. But there very fast very strong. Very smart. With incredible reflex’s and eyesight due to augmentation. Now I just feel like a guy with a helmet in. But ya it’s gunna be fine. At least all you sprint haters can now play a unskillful game n feel good cuz u can finally get a few kills withought them escaping you. Guess what try n get away from a good player in Halo 5. With all those abilities. You couldn’t. Your nostalgia for 10 to 15 year old halos has devolved the series. When people don’t play much compared to more fun shooters I won’t be surprised. I’m gunna play campaign give the multiplayer a chance. But I think I know how it’s gunna feel from the flight. Frustrating. The aim assist is messed up. Frame drops. The guns don’t feel right. The abilities are few n far between with a limit on how many times u can use them. It’s just the old way. They coulda been brave and evolved halo 5 n still made consessions to make people happy. They didn’t need to totally change it AGAIN. every halo is getting the rest button hit. It’s not good for it. They had a good multiplayer in Halo 5 they shoulda built off it while balancing wat was o.p. but they’re being cowards. N trying to please everyone which is impossible. So enjoy your halo 3 sequel. That game is from a gone era. Halo was always the pinnacle of movement meets aim n good decisions. Now it’s certainly not the best movement game nemore. Whatever enjoy using a spartan who runs 10 mph. That’s not the chief that’s not a spartan. That’s a normal guy in really heavy armour. It’s to hard to explain. But the loss of a higher SKILL sealing is the biggest let down. You won’t need to b as good in this game. So people won’t grind. Youl see

And yes I increased my field of view. Btw.

I understand that people probably think this is regressive now for halo after 4 and 5. They thought halo needed to innovate or die. But it was because halo innovated that it DID die. Relatively speaking H4/5 had a very small community when paired against H2/3 or even reach. Infinite feels like it’s finally embracing halos roots which doesn’t mean no innovation, it just means it doesn’t have to follow treads of other games. Look at Doom eternal, no sprint in that game, in fact it plays like the same game that released 20 to 30 years ago, and it’s a wild success!

As for Fl crisis. He obviously didn’t halo 5. In case any of you read that. Cuz it took me about 5 seconds to reach one end of a map to the other not days okay. Like grow up tell the truth. If you don’t know what your saying don’t say it. I’m telling you halo 5 had maps smaller then some that are in the flight. Believe it or not. With all it’s advanced movement. But it’s not about the sprint or the speed. It’s about the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES YOU HAD TO MAKE PLAYS BY HAVING MORE IN YOUR TOOL BOX.! WHY IS THIS HARD TO UNDERSTAND. idc if there slow. I do care if u can’t make cool escapes n plays n have fun doing it. All those abilities gave good players a million different ways to fight. Now you can’t escape a hammer in ur face or dage a sword. Or even get a bulltrue because the shotgun is gone. U can’t defend yourself the same way. You can’t engage multiple enomirs by yourself now and win. Because you won’t have the tools. (Except a well placed grenade). I’m shooked with all of you.

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> I felt like a spartan.

This really is the new “it makes you feel like spider man”. We’ve really gotten to the point where if you’re not zooming around the map constantly, never stopping to do anything the game is “slow”.

Every Halo after H3 was a step in the wrong direction, and correlates with a decline in the popularity of the franchise. Toning back the mobility is EXACTLY What Halo needs. As a classic halo fan, I don’t see anything wrong with its implementation in infinite. It is minimal and non-intrusive to combat.

If you want wall riding and hyper mobility, go play titanfall or splitgate. Halo is finally returning to its roots, and I personally couldn’t be happier with its current trajectory.

Sorry for long texts. This is hard to articulate. But they took everything away. No more float jumps n shots. No more dodging when someone has a way better gun or shoots a rocket at you, or getting out of the way of grenades. You don’t even get a ability to start. This is alot like halo 5 multiplayer actually. Way more then halo 3 lol. But it’s a bear bones halo 5. With a super slow sprint n slide. In apex I can jump backwards n go into a slide. At least if they had that n wall jumps you could do some change of direction moves. Withought that. It’s just like a old halo game. RIP ground pound n mostly dodge. You made halo unique skillful n special. Il miss you

And last thing let’s hope this is the last reset. Because I’m getting whiplash. Reach is diff then h3. H4 is totally diff then everything else. Halo 5 was diff then 4. How many resets do I have to endure. Can’t we just build off of what was done previously ever once. Like let’s hope this the last time n in the future new things added. Cuz idk about you people but I look forward to sequels for what they add not what they take away. I apologize if I offend anyone. Believe me I want this game to succeed as much as anyone.

Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick

Nah but on a more serious note, as someone who actually really loves Halo 5 Multiplayer and plays it almost every weekend to this day, I actually love Halo Infinite’s more classic style combat. Thrust is really cool and a powerful tool, but it affected the weapon sandbox negatively. Weapons had to account for faster movement speed and so the weapons were beefed up to where the Magnum became the meta for H5. There’s no point in picking up weapons besides power weapons since the Magnum was so good. Also, having abilities on the map rather than starting with them encourages you to scour the map for tools to add to your disposal, and having to fight for them makes encounters more interesting.