Is This Possible on Floodgate?

So, I read something on the Halopedia page about the Halo 3 level Floodgate, and I’m trying to see if it works on the 360 version of Halo 3 before trying it out on MCC. According to the Miscellaneous section under Trivia, “At the end of the factory area it is possible to push any surviving Marines up the stairs where the Flamethrower is. If pushed far enough they will eventually walk the rest of the way and accompany you for the rest of the level up until you enter the ruined Flood ship”.

I’ve tried and tried to push one marine towards the stairs (not the ramp which players would usually take to get up to the flamethrower) leading up to the flamethrower, and he keeps running back to his position while saying stuff like “You’re uh, you’re a dude, right?” and “Do you have an extra sock I could borrow?”. It started to get tedious until I somehow discovered that when you push and melee the small crates towards the stairs at a low pace, and push the marine towards one of them, they take cover beside them, and when I pushed another crate forward, he moved to that one. I managed to get the crates near the stairs, so the marine was getting closer, but then I must’ve accidentally triggered him to run back to his position, which aggravated me even more.

So, is this trick actually possible to pull off in Floodgate? or did Halopedia lie? I really hope this is possible, because it would sound cool (as having both marines and elites accompanying you in the control room exterior fight in The Covenant and keeping your spec-ops elites and grunts alive for them to accompany you throughout The Oracle) to have both marines and elites accompanying you for the rest of the way until you enter the ruins of the Indulgence of Conviction. I also hope it’s possible to pull this off on MCC.

Forgot to post the link to the Halopedia page: Floodgate - Campaign level - Halo 3 - Halopedia, the Halo wiki

It is definitely possible, both on the original version and the MCC. In fact, I do it almost every time I play the mission. But I have not experienced the Marines trying to run back to their starting locations. I’m not sure what would cause that happen. However, their health seems to drop to 1 at some point later in the mission. I think it is after the Elites get deployed. It is rather inconvenient, especially for people like me who always try to save as many allies as possible!

I remember seeing a video on YouTube where someone saves every possible marine and elite on that mission and gets them to the flood ship. I’m pretty sure they used the glitch you’re talking about to get them past that section. If I find it I’ll send you the link

You know the old saying, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try try again”? Just keep trying!