Is this ever going to get fixed?

This error has been in the game ever since 343 added in techsuits to Halo 3 and frankly I’m sick of looking at it.

Is this even on 343’s radar?


Yes seriously! Please fix!!


yesss it’s so ugly, this and the hand guard clipping are my only issue with the new undersuits.

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There’s 3 major issues still visible with the Halo 3 armor

  • the broken Hand armor, which can be fixed by simply reverting the changes to the Hands applied during the Floodfight update

  • the broken biceps on the Halo 3 Mark VI, which could be easily fixed if they updated the multiplayer Mark VI models to use the in-game model of the H2A Campaign armor as a base (which is where the Gen 1 Techsuit came from)

  • the missing waist armor for the Halo Online Elite legs, which can be fixed by bringing the Cleric set over and updating the existing sets (currently it uses the waist off of the base Combat legs which clips and clashes somewhat with the rest of the new sets)

I can’t stress enough that if you know of the problems, the best thing to do is make sure you submit support tickets where appropriate, have pictures of what you’re discussing ready, and make sure to be professional and respectful in your posts. they do read them, and they do take note of how many people are bringing the issue up.

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Agreed. All the broken stuff needs to be fixed.

There’s also the issue of the melee animation not showing armour on the upper part of the arm on high FOV.

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Yeah I’ve been waiting for them to fix this for quite some time.

I’d imagine it’s that way so none of the armor pieces go in front of the screen and block stuff, as happens with my current Halo 4 armor.


None of the armour is bulky enough to block much and it’s only for a few frames during a melee so not a good reason.

Yeah I’m still to aesthetics obsessed to change my H4 armor.