Is This A Good Halo 3/Halo: Reach Montage?

So after a long time, I finally recorded all of my best Halo clips and put them into my montage . If you are going to make a comment, please use constructive critisism. I honestly thought this was very good, and alot better than my other montages. Does anyone else think this was a decent montage?

I really like it man. Some things I was thinking to get it better would be like to go into third person on some screens and maybe even zoom in on a head shot or go into some different views. Great video none of the less and you got some good game. :smiley:

The opening Stick! was my favourite part. :slight_smile:

> The opening Stick! was my favourite part. :slight_smile:

thanks man, i thought it was pretty cool too :smiley: